Victoria Park Reservoir

Date: August -December 2012

Client: Storage Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team

Engineer: CPG

Main Contractor: Naylor Love Ltd

The Christchurch City Council’s Water and Waste Unit proposed the replacement of two existing wood-stave water reservoirs located at Elizabeth Park on the Port Hills and servicing the upper hillside properties off Cashmere Hill with a standard 500m³ concrete tank.

BBR Contech was engaged by Naylor Love Ltd to provide horizontal post-tensioning services to the new 14 metre diameter tank involving nine rings with 4 x 12.7mm strand tendons stressed through two pilasters.

BBR Contech supplied anchorages antiburst spirals and 39mm ID Drossbach duct to the precaster and subsequently installed, stressed and grouted the tendons.

The new tank almost doubles capacity of three old tanks on the site and provides back up for the rural fire fighting in the Port Hills.