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Seismic Strengthening for earthquake protection

Living in an earthquake-prone country like New Zealand requires proactive measures to protect both lives and valuable assets.


Seismic protection adds stability and resilience to existing structures, ensuring their viability and safety during seismic events.

Contech has extensive experience in providing structural strengthening solutions for property owners and local authorities throughout New Zealand. We can assist you throughout the entire process, from solution selection to design and installation.

Our goal is to ensure the best and most cost-effective outcome. Many clients have found that appointing Contech as main contractor is the smart way to manage a seismic strengthening project.

Proven technologies for seismic bracing

Our expertise in seismic bracing and protection encompasses a wide range of proven technologies to enhance load-bearing capacity and structural resilience:

Sika Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP):

We employ Sika FRP in the form of wraps or strips to improve flexural capacity, ductility, and shear resistance. These advanced materials play a crucial role in strengthening and bracing your structures against seismic forces.

Uplift Anchors:

Uplift anchors provide essential reinforcement to structures, particularly in areas prone to uplift forces during earthquakes. They help prevent structural failure by anchoring the building securely to its foundation.

External post-tensioned tendons:

External post-tensioned tendons are used to bolster the structural integrity of buildings. These tendons can be bars or strands and are strategically placed to distribute seismic loads efficiently, minimising structural damage.

Cavity ties for masonry structures:

For masonry structures, we employ cavity ties, a specialised strengthening technique that enhances the seismic resistance of these buildings. This technology is especially valuable for heritage structures that require preservation as well as seismic protection.

Sprayed concrete walls:

Sprayed concrete is a versatile solution for reinforcing walls and structures, providing added durability and resistance to seismic forces.

We’ll share our know-how to get you the best seismic protection solution

At Contech, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our design engineers are ready to work with you to find the best options for your seismic strengthening project.

We understand that each structure is unique, and our expertise extends to a wide range of building types, from car parks to heritage buildings. We are dedicated to helping you future-proof your assets and mitigate seismic risk effectively.

Fortify your structures and protect your investments with Contech – get in touch to discuss your seismic protection needs.

Recent Seismic Strengthening projects:

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  • Contech became involved early in the project, assisting structural engineers to develop the design f...

  • The Old Arts Building in Auckland University’s campus is listed as a Category 1 Historic Place....


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