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Solidify your position with rock and ground anchoring

Even well-designed structures can move or become unstable, especially in areas with seismic and other geotechnical factors. New Zealand’s landscapes tend to be unstable, so they need a strong engineering solution to manage the risks.

Contech offers an array of rock and soil anchoring solutions. Whether high or low-capacity, temporary or permanent, we have a solution for a wide range of ground conditions. With a commitment to international corrosion protection standards and expertise in high-pressure post-grouting techniques, we offer a comprehensive solution.

Typical applications of ground anchors

Tied-Back Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments:

Ensuring the stability of retaining walls and bridge abutments is essential for the safety of infrastructure. Our anchoring solutions provide the necessary reinforcement to keep these structures secure.

Basement Retention:

Ground anchors play a crucial role in basement retention, preventing soil and water intrusion. We provide effective solutions for basement stability and safety.

Restraint Against Vertical Uplift in Earthquakes:

Earthquakes pose a significant threat to structural stability. We design our ground anchoring systems to withstand vertical uplift during seismic events, ensuring the safety of your buildings.

Slope Stabilization:

Our solutions stabilize land prone to landslides, protecting property and lives from slope instability.

Seismic Strengthening

New Zealand’s seismic activity demands special consideration. We tailor our anchoring services to enhance the seismic resilience of structures, reducing vulnerability during earthquakes.

Ground anchors for unusual and high-value sites

Contech has a proven track record of handling complex and high-value projects. We are experts at installing strong anchors for big buildings and creating specialized solutions for unique sites. Our experienced team is used to overcoming challenges, and will work hard to create a solution that’s engineered to meets your requirements.

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Recent Rock & Ground Anchoring projects:


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