Our Policies

Contech is committed to carrying out its operations in a sustainable manner with minimal impact on the environment, while preserving the health and safety of our greatest asset – our team. We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality engineered solutions which deliver certainty of performance for our clients.

Our Quality Accreditations

At Contech, we take immense pride in delivering unparalleled quality in every aspect of our business. This quality focus is evidenced by our ISO certifications.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). Achieving this certification reflects our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in quality management. At Contech, this means:

  • A customer-centric approach, where we consistently deliver services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, and use risk-based thinking to proactively identify and mitigate project risks.
  • Continuous improvement, where we are dedicated to refining our processes and optimising efficiency to deliver the best possible results to our clients.
  • Reliability and consistency, ensuring that our operations adhere to rigorous international standards.

ISO 45001 is the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). At Contech, the well-being of our team and stakeholders is paramount. Our ISO 45001 certification means we prioritise:

  • A team-centric approach, where we work hard to ensure the well-being and safety of our team, and encourage the active participation of all our team members in shaping and maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring that our H&S practices align with the highest standards of safety, protecting both our team and your projects.
  • Continuous improvement in safety, where we constantly evolve our practices to ensure the welfare of everyone involved in our projects.


In addition to ISO 45001 we are accredited to the following audit schemes:

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing excellence, Contech is currently working towards obtaining ISO 14001 certification. This signifies our proactive efforts to integrate environmental responsibility and sustainability into every aspect of our business.

ISO 14001 is a globally-recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS), which will mean that Contech:

  • Are committed to environmental stewardship, minimising our environmental impact, and adopting environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Anticipating strict compliance, and being prepared to comply with stringent environmental laws and regulations as they arise, by proactively conducting our operations responsibility and sustainably.
  • Progressively improving our sustainability, including being committed to ongoing assessments and improvements, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint, enhance resource efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.

By choosing to work with Contech, our clients are partnering with a company dedicated to the quality of our systems, the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved on our projects, and our contribution to a more sustainable future.