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Fortify your foundations with pile jacketing

Contech has more than 30 years’ experience with pile jacketing and using fabric or fibreglass jackets as a formwork in projects in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.


Pile jacketing is a cost-effective solution that ensures the stability and longevity of any marine-based structures’ foundations.

This specialised technique involves adding a new layer, known as a “jacket”, around the existing concrete piles. This additional layer not only provides extra support but also protects the pile from further damage. Pile jacketing is excellent for fixing and strengthening bridge and wharf piles made of steel, concrete, or timber.

Concrete corrosion protection for concrete piles

In pile jacketing a fabric or fibreglass form is used to cast a dense, high-strength concrete skin, of the right thickness and reinforcement around the deteriorated section of each pile. The result is a robust, high-performing ‘jacket’ that will perform in the most challenging conditions. Anodes can be added for additional protection to reinforcing when corrosion is particularly advanced.

Fabric forms filled with concrete are widely used to protect embankments from erosion by water. Installed both above and below the water line, they can be adapted to a range of clever uses – we’ve used them as inflatable socks to seal underground pipes, to encapsulate grout for ground anchors in permeable ground, and as anti-ballast pillows for submarine pipelines.

A cost-effective and sustainable solution

Foundations are crucial to the stability of your structures. When they deteriorate or weaken, it can lead to structural issues and even compromise safety. Pile jacketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to address foundation problems without the need for extensive foundation replacement. By choosing pile jacketing, you can extend the lifespan of your existing foundation, saving both time and money in the long run.

The installation process causes minimal disruption, with little or no downtime for the structure during the concrete repair work. In many cases, the repaired piles exceed their original load-bearing capacity.

We can assist with foundation problems and ensure your structures remain stable in the long run. Get in touch to discuss your project needs.


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