Post-Tensioning Systems
For Every Possible Application

BBR’s state-of-the-art post-tensioning

BBR has developed a complete range of stressing systems and construction techniques. These cover all possible applications in structural and civil engineering. We can reinforce and strengthen structures of all types including bridges, buildings, towers, marine structures, tanks and ground anchors. Contech is a certified BBR PT Specialist Company, and New Zealand’s exclusive contractor for BBR post-tensioning technology.

The Global BBR Network has created several completely new post-tensioning technologies incorporating current market needs with all the advances and knowledge gained from over 70 years of experience. The European Approved and CE marked BBT VT CONA CMX post-tensioning kits are internationally, the most up-to-date and advanced PT kits covering all possible applications in structural and civil engineering.


  • CONA CMI or CME for multi-strand solutions
  • CONA CMF for flat slabs
  • CONA CMM for Single Strands
  • CONA CMB for external banded situations
  • CONA CMG for Ground Anchors
  • BBRV for Wires
  • DINA Stay Cable
  • HiAm Stay Cable
  • CONA Stay
  • Carbon

Benefits of BBR Ltd's Post Tensioning systems

  • Modular system
  • Most compact and lightest anchorage system
  • Full stressing at lowest concrete strengths
  • Widest range of standard tendons – ranging from 173 kN to over 20,000 kN characteristic ultimate resistance
  • Most tendon sizes

The full range of BBR product brochures is available on the BBR website including the BBR VT CONA CMX System Information for important design information related to our strand anchor range. Click on the link to visit the BBR International website.


BBR’s CONNÆCT Magazine is our annual publication outlining the latest developments in post-tensioning technology and use across the BBR Network. Current and past copies are available for download at the link below.

Recent BBR Post-tensioned Systems projects:


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