A full suite of services to build your new post-tensioned concrete or stay cable structure.

Contech offers the BBR range of post-tensioning technology in New Zealand. BBR post-tensioning technology is amongst the most efficient in the world and is certified to European standards. Just as importantly, we have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who know how to get the most out of them.

With our global partnerships as part of the BBR Network and our commitment to continuous upskilling of our team, we bring the latest technology on post-tensioning and stay cable technology to any project.

Projects in which we’ve used post-tensioning systems have included:

  • Balanced cantilever and incrementally launched bridges.
  • Cable-stay bridges.
  • Joint-free, low-maintenance concrete floors for storage and distribution warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and heavy-duty pavements and load-out aprons.
  • Suspended concrete slabs, such as those needed for multi-storey buildings and car parks.
  • Water reservoirs.
  • Retaining walls and sheetpile structures.
  • Concrete transfer beams, in structures.
  • Structures that have required external post-tensioning solutions.

As a member of the worldwide BBR Network we have access to a vast range of expert technical support and the latest news on post-tensioning designs, manufacturing processes, construction procedures and research and development. We’re also a certified Post-Tensioning Specialist Company and qualified to use the European Approved and CE marked BBT VT CONA CMX post-tensioning kits.


If you would like some advice on a project or need a quote tell us a little about the project and the relevant expert will get back to you soon.