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FRP for structural strengthening

The use of specialist fabrics to strengthen concrete structures has become increasingly popular.


Contech introduced FRP to New Zealand back when it was still considered a niche solution. Now that it’s mainstream, we remain at the forefront of design and installation expertise.

Our designers are experts in the local and international codes that govern design principles. We can either assist you in developing a design solution, or design the optimum solution for your project.


Detailing of FRP solutions is very important and our team are experts in this too. Good detailing is critical to maximise the benefits of FRP. Check out our FRP detail library to find a selection of standardised details that can be adopted into your project design.

Strengthening solutions for any project

Our expertise in FRP design and installation means we have access to a wide range of solutions.

Fibre-Reinforced Polymers Wraps and Strips:

FRP is typically available in two forms, wraps and strips. Wraps are a woven fabric of carbon filament that is wrapped around columns, beams and piers to provide flexural strength or confinement. Wraps are cut to size, saturated in epoxy, and then installed on the structural element.

Strips are pre-cured carbon formed into standardised widths and thicknesses, which are then glued to the structural element with epoxy. They result in more concentrated loads but offer less flexibility.

CodeMark for SikaWrap 103c:

Contech has access to the only fabric FRP solution for structural strengthening that has attained a CodeMark in New Zealand. CodeMark verifies that this strengthening solution has been tested and quality checked, and confirms that it will meet the performance requirements when installed. CodeMark assures asset owners and specifiers that the strengthening solution will endure the building’s lifespan and meet all requirements.

FRP anchors:

Anchors are often used at the ends of fabric or strips to tie the FRP loads back into the structure. They are made from FRP filament bundled into groups. Holes are drilled into the element being strengthened, and the anchors are secured into the holes with epoxy. The ends are then splayed to lap with the FRP sheet or strip.

Glass Fibre Wraps:

Glass fibre wraps are used when you don’t need the higher strength of carbon FRP. The method of application is similar, but the product is a lower cost. An example of where it may be used is to increase the out of plane capacity of unreinforced brick walls.

We’ll share our know-how to get you the best solution

At Contech, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our design engineers are ready to work with you to find the best options for your strengthening project. If you’re not sure whether FRP is the right answer, get in touch and we will help you decide.

Recent FRP Strengthening projects:


If you would like some advice on a project or need a quote tell us a little about the project and the relevant expert will get back to you soon.