Contech’s Craft: Reinforcing Liquibox Office with FRP Excellence

Project: Liquibox Office Strengthening 

Client: Lanta Construction Limited 

Structural Engineer: MSC Consulting Engineers 

Date: February 2023 

Work scope: FRP installation  

The work on this project involved laying SikaWrap 103C as part of a diaphragm strengthening scheme for a two story office/industrial building in Auckland. 

At the time of tender Contech identified that some of the detailing for the project required review as the drawings and requirements were not clear. Through the tender process discussions were held to gain clarity on the requirements and details so they could be accurately included in the tender price. 

Once the team arrived on site it was clear that additional details required clarification due to differing site conditions. Utilising our design capability, our team were able to suggest improved and optimised details to the designer that mitigated the impacts of the design changes. 

Once the details were resolved the project was quickly completed in line with the main contractor’s programme, despite the initial delays and a number of concrete repairs that needed to be completed prior to FRP installation.  

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