The BBR Network leads the world

The BBR Network is recognised as the leading international group of specialised engineering contractors in post-tensioning, stay cables, geotechnical and related construction engineering technologies.

World-class BBR systems have been applied to a vast array of different structures around the world – buildings, bridges, stadiums, cryogenic energy tanks, dams, marine structures, and many more.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the home of engineering excellence

BBR’s technical headquarters has been located in Switzerland since 1944. Continuous education within the BBR Network ensures high quality and safe execution of post-tensioning and related work. BBR’s commitment to testing has supported the development of a range of products that have become international benchmarks.

All system components are subjected to the most stringent testing and quality assurance procedures. BBR products are manufactured by certified specialist manufacturers, and subject to extensive quality control with independent auditing.


BBR’s post-tensioning and stay cable systems have the highest capacity and most compact and widest range of anchorages available on the international market.


As a member of the BBR Network, Contech benefits from internationally recognised brands and quality processes, and has access to the latest technical knowledge and resources, project support, and global knowledge sharing.

From the world, to New Zealand

The global BBR Network extends to 5 continents with more than 250 engineers and 2,000 professionals.

We may have global links, but Contech is proudly New Zealand-owned and has been established in the local market for over 60 years. With hundreds of projects to our name, we have worked on both large and small projects throughout the country – from bridges to ports, tunnels to water towers, slabs to skyscrapers, and everything in between.

We can help make your project a success.