University of Canterbury Structural Engineering Laboratory

Date: January-February 2016

Client: University of Canterbury

Engineer: Aurecon

Post Tensioning: BBR Contech

Main Contractor: Dominion Constructors Ltd

PT Subcontractor: BBR Contech

Timing could not be better given recent and ongoing seismic activities in the Canterbury region, as the University of Canterbury introduces a state of the art teaching and research facility for the Civil and Natural Resources Department of the College of Engineering.

Main contractor Dominion Constructors Ltd engaged BBR Contech as specialist post tensioning sub-contractor and New Zealand distributor of Macalloy components. The Strong Floor consists of a 2m thick raft foundation with cast-in Macalloy inserts/anchor points at 400mm centre spacing horizontally and vertically. The Strong Wall consists of a 1.6m thick and 9.2m high post-tensioned L shaped wall, cantilevered from the strong floor foundation also with cast-in Macalloy inserts/anchor points at 400mm centres both horizontally and vertically and in line with the floor inserts.

Vertical wall post tensioning included 48 № Macalloy M36 bars in each wall totalling 100,704kN ultimate capacity and 15 horizontal post tensioned tendons using a combination of BBR CMI 2706 (6750kN UTS) and BBR CMI 1906 (4750kN UTS) providing an overall ultimate capacity of 83,250kN.

A total of 3607 № bespoke Macalloy couplers were installed and connected to 1030 grade M36 Macalloy bars imbedded in the concrete and accommodating future connection of testing apparatus using M36 8.8 grade steel bars.

The new Structural Engineering Laboratory was officially opened by the Hon Steven Joyce, Minister of Tertiary Education, on 15 April 2016.

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