UC Engineering Water Tower

Date: August-Sep. 2012

Client: University of Canterbury

Engineer: Holmes Consulting Group

Main Contractor: Hawkins Construction Ltd

Following the Canterbury Earthquake sequence of 2010-2011 the existing water tower at the UC Engineering Laboratory was partially demolished and replaced with a new insitu concrete base structure and a post-tensioned concrete tower structure.

The post-tensioned concrete tower involved three circular precast column units with 150mm thick walls and 1.77M diameter. Six BBR CONA Flat 405 tendons (4 x 12.7mm strands per tendon) were installed vertically through ducts cast into the precast units once erected with anchorages cast into the insitu base and the top precast unit. Tendons were installed, stressed, precast joints sealed and tendons grouted. Afterwards the header tank was erected on top of the tower.

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