Simpl House, FRP, Wellington

Date: September 2011

Client: Zeta Investments

Consultant: Holmes Consulting

Contractor: BBR Contech

One level of Simpl House has been strengthened using FRP as part of a staged programme to strengthen the Building to current building codes.

Holmes Consulting provided the FRP design which included carbon fibre (Sikawrap 600C) strips which run longitudinally across the floor and anchor columns at opposing perimeter walls.

BBR Contech were engaged by the building owners (Zeta Investments) to supply and install the FRP strips which are bonded full length to the floor and utilised carbon fibre anchors which are drilled 300mm into the columns.

Works were undertaken with other strengthening work and service upgrades before the office was fitted out for a new tenant on this level.

The work was completed within a tight timeframe to suit the requirements of the property managers, building owners and new tenants.