Paul Wymer welcomes new shareholder to BBR Contech

On behalf of the directors and shareholders, I am delighted to announce that Derek Bilby has joined Andrew Dallas and I as a shareholder in BBR Contech.  We congratulate Derek for his ongoing commitment to our business.  Derek was employed in July 2017 to lead the company and take over the chief executive role.  It was always the intention for Derek to become a shareholder and we are very pleased that he has agreed to join us.

I have appreciated the way that Derek has embraced the new role at BBR Contech and worked closely with all staff and customers to come up to speed with our business operations.  The business has some excellent work on the books around New Zealand with some exciting prospects ahead.  You can see a selection of our latest projects and achievements in the recently released 75th Anniversary edition of the BBR CONNÆCT magazine which showcases projects and achievements from ourselves and other BBR Network Members around the world.

We congratulate Derek again for his ongoing commitment to our company.  I look forward to working alongside Andrew and Derek as fellow shareholders and to the ongoing interaction with all our employees, customers and business partners.

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