Pacifica Concrete Awards 2023

Contech was excited to be part of the award-winning team that won the 2023 Nauhria Premier Concrete Award at the Concrete NZ Industry Awards in March. The Pacifica was also the winner of the Firth Industries Excellence in Commercial Concrete category. 

The project team included Contech, Hengyi Pacific, Plus Architecture, BGT Structures, WSP, ICON and Dominion Constructors. They were commended for the adoption of innovative design and construction techniques that are emerging in New Zealand 

In particular, the judging panel felt the use of in-situ post-tensioned concrete floors was an elegant solution to architectural and structural performance requirements for multi-storey buildings. 

The six-day floor cycle achieved during construction — where a new storey was erected every six days — is a testament to the careful consideration of structural design and construction methodology, as well as the skill and expertise of the project team. 

Concrete New Zealand chief executive Rob Gaimster believes the Pacifica Tower sets a new standard for multi-storey reinforced concrete builds, demonstrating concrete can be used for the tallest commercial and residential structures in New Zealand. 

“The Pacifica Tower is a prominent and celebrated addition to the Auckland skyline, and all those involved can be proud of our biggest city’s newest landmark,” Gaimster says. 

“It is also an example of how the implementation of technologies such as post-tensioning and high-strength mix designs will be part of concrete’s ongoing decarbonisation journey.” 

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