Napier Port Concrete Repairs

One of the Port of Napier’s multi-purpose wharves is getting a spruce-up to ensure it continues to perform for many years to come.

The 50 -year-old, 300m-long wharf is used by cruise ships and for loading and unloading cargo and fuel. It’s an important feature of the port’s operations, which include exporting apples, pears, stone-fruit and grapes, as well as large amounts of sheep wool, frozen meat, wood pulp and timber.

The wharf’s beams and piles have gradually deteriorated with time and the corrosive forces of the sea. Our role is to remove the defective concrete using hydro-demolition then dry-spray gunite onto the exposed surfaces. Our challenge, as always with this kind of work, is to gain access to the affected areas – which means keeping a careful watch on the tides and the shipping activity around the port.