Kerikeri Heritage Bypass, Northland

Client: HEB Smithbridge Ltd

Consultant: GHD Ltd

Contractor: BBR Contech (Construction Techniques Ltd)

HEB Smithbridge has secured a contract to build a bridge across the Kerikeri River to bypass the existing bridge further downstream. This will allow the existing bridge to be demolished, removing a constriction of the river and as a consequence the possibility of flooding to the historic stone store will be lessened.

The new bridge is founded on reinforced concrete piles poured within a permanent steel casing.

Contech was retained by Smithbridge to perform a 210 tonne static compression test, to AS 2159—1995, on a 900mm diameter test pile. This standard requires alternating loads be applied over a 10 hour period while the pile displacements are measured.

Contech utilised it’s test frame, a 500 tonne jack and load cell to apply and measure the loads. The reaction frame was held in position by 4 No. ground anchors installed in 25 metre deep holes drilled using our track mounted Bauer drill rig.