Kathmandu Extension, Portlink, Christchurch

Date: June 2014

Client: Arcus Developments

Engineer: Structex Harvard Ltd

Project Manager: Arrow International Ltd

Floor Subcontractor: Conslab Ltd

PT Subcontractor: BBR Contech

Over recent years Kathmandu the outdoor clothing and equipment retailer has seen significant growth sales. This growth has meant that the company needed to expand its national distribution centre located in the Portlinks Woolston to support the demand. Acrus developments agreed to Kathmandu request for an expansion to their existing warehouse and delivered a tailored made building to suit Kathmandu needs. The existing 5,000m2 distribution centre was increased to 7,800m2.

Conslab Ltd was awarded the floor slab contract and in turn they employed BBR Contech to design and install the specialist post-tensioned floor.  The slab was designed for a sub grade to meet a minimum 8% CBR, with 55kN racking post loads and a 4.5T rated forklift.  These design parameters produced a 165mm thick slab post tensioned with CF405.

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