Grafton Bridge FRP Strengthening

FRP strengthening work by BBR Contech on Grafton Bridge in Auckland is now complete and the overall seisimc and structural strengthening project carried out by Brian Perry Civil was recently completed well ahead of schedule.

In 2008, a contract was let to Brian Perry Civil to perform a number of strengthening and preservation works. BBR Contech was engaged as a specialist to supply and apply nearly 600 m of Sika CarboDur FRP strip and 830 CarboShear L plates. The CarboDur and CarboShear systems are pre-manufactured ultra high strength carbon fiber laminate plates approximately 1.5 mm thick and 100 mm wide which are adhered to the prepared concrete surface with a specifically developed epoxy adhesive. Strips were applied to the underside of the beams to provide additional mid-span moment resistance. The L plates were installed, in pairs, around the beams and up into the deck slab, to improve shear performance.

This was the first use of the Sika CarboShear system in New Zealand. Read more about the work in the BBR Contech Project Reference in the following link.

Grafton Bridge FRP1

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