Gough Gough & Hamer

Date: March 2013

Client: Gough Gough & Hamer

Consultant: Structex Ltd

Contractor: Bushnell Builders Ltd

Floor Subcontractor: Conslab Ltd

PT Subcontractor: BBR Contech

Gough Gough & Hamer has been the Caterpillar dealer in New Zealand since 1932, offering a wide range of heavy machinery and engines. Engaged by the floor slab subcontractor Conslab Ltd BBR Contech designed, installed, stressed and grouted two post-tensioned slabs on grade for the new GGH Component Rebuild Centre at Branston Street, Hornby.

A PT slab on 15% CBR sub base was specified for the new 1,534m²   Component Rebuild Centre which was designed at 185mm thick and constructed in 2 pours. The PT slab was designed to support 30.225T forklift axle loads and required BBR 406 Flat (4 x 15.2mm strand) tendons. The workshop floor slab is 1,150 m²  stressed in both directions  while the smaller washbay floor slab is 384m²  stressed only in the longitudinal direction with reinforcing mesh covering the entire  slab either side of a central drain.