CMW 1606 coupler

First use of BBR CMW Coupler on bridge project in Northland

BBR Contech has undertaken the first installation of BBR’s new CONA CMW coupler on a bridge strengthening project in Northland.

Waihue Road Bridge is being strengthened by Kaipara District Council to accommodate the increased vehicle loads from forestry activity.

The design by RoadLab required two 1606 tendons to be installed to the exterior of the bridge. BBR Contech achieved the same outcome using an alternative solution using the new BBR technology. The alternative delivered a saving to Kaipara District Council of over $50,000.

The CONA CMW 1606 coupler connected two CONA CMI 1606 anchorages installed into new diaphragms at each abutment of the bridge. The tendon was encased in a 100 dia. HDPE pipe while the coupler was encased in a larger HDPE sleeve and fully grouted for corrosion protection.


CMW 1606 coupler

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