Bridge 217 MSL- Pier & Abutment Cap, Ravensbourne Rd, Dunedin

Date: May 2010

Client: New Zealand Railways Corporation

Engineer: Ontrack Structures Engineering

Main Contractor: Southroads Ltd

As part of the continuing nation wide rail infrastructure upgrade, BBR Contech Ltd was engaged to manufacture and supply Macalloy 1030 grade 40mm diameter, Double Corrosion Protected (DCP) post tensioning bars (UTS of 1295kN per bar) and to provide tensioning services for the Ontrack Bridge 217 MSL – Bridge Renewal Project, Dunedin.

Four Macalloy 40 DCP bars were cast vertically into each new pile leaving 1000mm of bar exposed out the top. The new precast pier caps were lowered into position over the bars and a post-tensioned force of 25% the characteristic failing load (325kN) applied to each bar securing the pier cap in place.

Final corrosion protection and grouting operations were carried out by the main contractor.

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