299 Durham Street, CBD, Christchurch

Date: May 2014- Feb. 2015

Client: Avon West Ltd

Engineer: Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers

Architect: Sheppard & Rout

Main Contractor: Calder Stewart Industries Ltd

PT Subcontractor: BBR Contech

An upscale five level mixed-use 3900m2 commercial building, boasting nearly 360 degree views over the ever-changing CBD, has been constructed on the corner of Durham and Armagh Streets using an earthquake resilient – PRESSS Shear Wall design.

The building is an IL3 structure – 130% of the current earthquake code. It is a performance-based structure with a displacement based design able to maintain strength and stiffness beyond a 1/2500 event.

34 No. Macalloy 1030 diameter 50mm vertical unbonded tendons (with 2022 kN capacity each factory-wrapped in Denso Tape to resist corrosion) have been installed in 8 precast concrete panels coupled to starter bars cast into the foundation and tensioned at the top of each wall with 150/300-tonne jacks to specified loads.

Tendons remain unbonded allowing for future re-checking of loads following future seismic events.

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