Cardinal Logistics Warehouse, Wiri, South Auckland

A tight timeframe – and therefore the presence of a lot of other contractors on site – made this job a logistical challenge for the BBR Contech team. However, efficient planning and good relationships got it done on time, which means Cardinal Logistics is on track to move in soon to its new warehouse in Wiri.

With a total 20,000m2 of floor space, the warehouse will be a key storage asset for this large warehousing and distribution business – and BBR Contech has ensured a smooth, strong, durable and easily maintained post-tensioned surface for all those forklifts.

The floor was laid in eight pours to create four slabs, coupled in pairs with an opening joint down the middle length. Between pours (which were about two weeks apart), the tendons in each completed slab were stressed and the strands cut, then the pockets were sealed and filled with grout. The pressure was on, with the other subcontractors waiting in the wings!