Tuapeka Gold Print Storage Warehouse

Tuapeka Gold Print is Australasia’s largest printer of promotional and branded materials and can print almost any brand or logo onto any product.

They identified the need for two new 4,000m2 warehouses adjacent to their existing premises in the Tuapeka Business Park in Fairfield, Dunedin. The ground at the undeveloped industrial site is understood to contain significant uncontrolled fill thicknesses comprising overburden soils and weathered rock. Siltstone, mudstone and sandstone are present from moderate depths making a heavily loaded floor a difficult prospect. A fully piled option was preferred for the site, being the lowest risk approach against likely settlement given the relatively heavy loads that will be applied.

Contech worked with Thompsons and their consultants as they value-engineered options for the warehouse floor slabs and foundation support with the preferred solution identified as being a fully piled solution on a 4.9M x 4.2M grid with 700mm x 700mm pile caps.

The suspended post-tensioned warehouse slab is 330mm thick and designed to carry 3 tonne rated capacity forklifts and 2700mm x 900mm back-to-back racking. Each 4,000m2 warehouse is configured as two stop-end slabs each connected at the mid-point with BBR VT CONA CMF M-type couplers which provide an efficient and cost-effective way to increase the slab size and reduce the number of joints.

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