Denso Seashield

BBR Contech’s specialist expertise in rehabilitating marine structures has been boosted with a new product range that’s now available to our clients.


Manufactured by one of the world’s leaders in corrosion prevention and sealing technology, Denso SeaShield Marine Systems are a great complement to the products and techniques we already offer our clients. They’re particularly suited to repairing and strengthening bridge and wharf piles, whether they’re constructed of steel, concrete or timber.


The Systems use a combination of fibreglass jackets and epoxy grout, and comprise two key products:

  • The SeaShield Series 400 System protects timber piles from saltwater environments and marine borers, while also strengthening deteriorated piles with durable, lightweight and non-corrosive reinforcing materials. It’s has been shown to double the strength of the original piles and offers a long maintenance-free service life.
  • The SeaShield Series 500 System can be applied above or below the waterline, either with inexpensive equipment or poured into the pile jacket. Tough and durable, it provides the ultimate protection in restoring steel, concrete and timber piles.

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