Oceania Dairy Drystore Stage 2, Glenavy, North Otago

Date: September 2016 – January 2017

Client: Oceania Dairy Ltd

Project Manager: Babbage Consultants Limited

Main Contractor: Calder Stewart Industries Limited

PT Subcontractor: BBR Contech

Stage 2 development at Oceania Dairy, Glenavy significantly increases capacity for this state of the art Dairy Processing Plant and once again Construction Techniques Ltd played its part in the expansion of the existing 5,357 square metre storage area.

Main Contractor Calder Stewart engaged BBR Contech to design, supply and install the post-tensioned floor system which includes 6 individual slabs, 165mm thick with 40MPa concrete and poured in 12 approximately equal pours covering an impressive 26,775 square metre area. Each individual slab is set up in entirety and poured over two consecutive days with a stop-end which requires that the full slab area is prepared prior to pouring. The temporary stop-end/day joint between each pour is in compression and does not require edge support thickening or edge armouring. Free edges are supported by an under-slab beam.

The entire floor area was completed in 3 months using a total of 528 BBR ConaFlat 405 anchorages and 113 metric tonnes of tensioning strand.

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