Lifetime of Achievement

Within the BBR Network, there are many fine specialist construction engineers – all over the world. As well as the strong support they receive from their local management teams, BBR Headquarters also encourages their talent through training courses, knowledge sharing and international collaborations. We also recognize individual achievement through special awards, the most prestigious of these is the BBR PT Grand Master Award which is a lifetime achievement award for sustained and valuable contributions over a long period of time. 

In fact, the award is so special that, in its 15-year history, it has only been presented four times – to Tommy Lindstrand of KB Spennteknikk (Norway), Kresimir Bogadi of BBR Adria (Croatia) and Rob Robinson of BBR Contech (New Zealand) and now to Jeff Marchant also of BBR Contech. The high level of expertise attained and demonstrated by these and other outstanding BBR engineers means that existing BBR Network Members can draw on an international pool of knowledge. New franchisees benefit from immediate access to this valuable resource – as well as having a path to gaining global recognition for their PT excellence. 

Innovative leadership 

In Jeff Marchant’s case, there were many compelling reasons to recognize his achievement. The citation on his Award certificate highlighted his leadership, excellence and innovation in the design and construction of post-tensioned slabs on grade. It also acknowledged Jeff’s encouragement and mentoring of new BBR engineers, along with the respect and acknowledgement he has won from industry peers locally and internationally. 

Innovation has been a recurrent feature of Jeff’s approach – beginning with software development to automate and inform the post-tensioned slab design layout process, then followed by the creation of a methodology for constructing large and high-performing slabs, with a minimum of joints, up to 75,000m2 in area. 

Formative years 

Jeff, a graduate of the University of Auckland Engineering School, spent his early years working for the NZ government public works department where he was associated with design and construction activities on large civil projects. He also spent five years working for a UK-based consulting engineering practice and has, as a senior engineer, overseen design for projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

Back in 1998, when Jeff joined BBR Contech, the company was introducing post-tensioned slabs on grade to the New Zealand market and he became an integral member of the design and development team.  

Massive portfolio 

Since those early days, Jeff’s designs have been applied to a range of buildings that now feature large general-purpose warehouse floors, heavy-duty external pavements, cool stores and special purpose heavily loaded storage facilities. Jeff has presided – either as designer or supervisor – over some 400 slab-on-grade projects covering more than three million square meters. 

While Jeff’s PT knowledge was honed on slabs on grade, he has also contributed significantly to all other areas of post-tensioning in which BBR Contech operates. In New Zealand, he is accepted as the foremost technical leader in this field. 

While several of his projects have been presented with awards, Jeff’s work has most recently been recognized through Concrete New Zealand’s Outstanding Contribution Award – a peer-nominated accolade presented to those who have made a ‘visible difference’ and whose efforts have supported the advancement of the concrete industry. 

Inspiring others 

Jeff has continued to refine and update his design processes and has been an excellent teacher for new engineers wishing to develop their skills. He regularly holds refresher sessions to ensure all design engineers are advancing their knowledge as required.  

His reach as a mentor has extended beyond national boundaries too. Most notably, Jeff supervised BBR Polska’s first ever slab on grade, allowing the team in Poland to refine their skills and successfully enter the market. 

Jeff is in great company – BBR Contech’s Rob Robinson was also presented with a BBR PT Grand Master Award back in 2013 at the anniversary of BBR Contech’s 50 years of business operations. Looking forward to many further stunning achievements, we wish Jeff and his colleagues, both locally and globally, every success for the future! 

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