A Comprehensive Restoration of the Auckland Zoo’s Bridge

Main Contractor: NZ Strong 

Engineer: Fraser Thomas 

Date: November 2023 

Value: $70k 

At Auckland Zoo, our team undertook a challenging bridge repair project for our client, NZ Strong. Faced with a tight budget, they asked us to restore the structure to full strength, enhance the durability of the structure, all while maintaining the natural look.  

Through the design process with Fraser Thomas we rescoped the repair work to focus on dealing with the key issues and suggested more cost-effective solutions to deliver the preferred outcome. Our solution involved concrete repair, rebar replacement, crack injection, cathodic protection and waterproofing.  

Understanding the long-term importance of corrosion prevention, we proposed the installation of anodes for cathodic protection at critical locations, which ensures the bridge’s resilience against corrosion, extending its life and minimising future maintenance costs.  

To further enhance the structure, we applied a waterproofing layer with a rustic finish. This not only provided an additional layer of protection but also contributed to preserving the natural, aged look of the bridge. The end result was a seamlessly integrated solution that not only met the functional needs but also aesthetically complemented the surroundings. 

The Auckland Zoo Bridge Repair project stands as a testament to our team’s commitment to client satisfaction and “making the hard stuff easy”. Our specialist expertise delivered the required outcome at a significant cost reduction to the original scope of work, delivering a great outcome for the end client, Auckland Zoo. 

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