Clyde Reservoir, Central Otago

Client: Smith Crane & Construction

Consultant: Mike Herlihy Consulting

Sub Contractor: Sub Contractor

Smith Crane & Construction were awarded the “Design-Build” Contract by the Central Otago District Council for the construction of a 1000m³ capacity reservoir at Clyde Look Road, Clyde with BBR Contech engaged as the specialist post-tensioning subcontractor.

The design requirements for the 16m diameter reservoir included 175mm thick precast concrete wall panels 5.6m high with post-tensioning carried out through two 400mm thick pilaster wall panels utilizing 36 No. BBR M2 anchorages. Circumferential prestress was achieved using nine 4-strand tendons (12.7mm diameter).

Approximately 600 linear meters of 39ID Drossbach ducting (manufactured at our Christchurch branch) was installed in the reservoir wall panels with the BBR Contech designed 5-piece interconnecting coupler system chosen to complete the tendon profile at each wall joint.

At completion, 80% circumferential prestress (595kN) was applied to each tendon using BBR Contech’s 100T multi-strand stressing jack system.

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