Celebrating 80 years of the BBR Network

The latest edition of CONNÆCT, the BBR Network’s annual magazine is now available and it can be viewed in hard copy or online on the BBR Network website. A broad range of projects and technology is featured including bridge construction, post-tensioned buildings and dam anchoring. The repair and strengthening of building structures is also a focus this year with projects from Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and New Zealand featuring.

To recognise the 80th anniversary milestone, the magazine features an in-depth review of the history of BBR and an outline of its future strategy to support the growth of network members around the globe. Once again a number of projects from Contech feature throughout the magazine and a quick reference guide to key articles and New Zealand content is summarised below.



New sustainability paradigm. BBR VT International Honorary Chairman Bruno Valsangiacomo outlines how BBR technology is supporting a value proposition to reduce embodied carbon in structures through the adoption of post-tensioning technology. The change in approach by property developers, owners and tenants will drive investors towards the adoption of low-carbon building solutions. p6-11

The Pioneers. An in-depth investigation on the role of BBR technology in making BBR Network members successful. Interviews of nine Network leaders, including our own Paul Wymer show that there are five recurring themes that underly what has made the Network so successful. p12-17

Lifetime Achievement Award. Contech’s Paul Wymer receives a special BBR award at the BBR Annual Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2023. p25



Logistics, sorted. The completion of the latest warehouse for Sorted Logistics completes an entire block of similar structures with some 35,000m² of post-tensioned slabs designed and reinforced by Contech. p60-61

From eyesore to elegance. BBR post-tensioning technology has contributed to the conversion of an earthquake damaged office building into high-end apartments in Christchurch’s CBD for Dominion Construction. p62-63



Defying the challenge of age. Contech continues the long relationship we have had with Port of Auckland with the repair of Princes Wharf in downtown Auckland. p74-75

Danger and safety at Kinleith Mill. Concrete repair to a number of structures within the operating confines of the Kinleith Mill for Oji Fibre Solutions. p76-77



Doing more with less. 80 years of post-tensioning technology development and associated works has resulted in a range of capabilities being developed by BBR. This article highlights how product developments have inspired iconic structures. p84-89


Read Connaect Magazine on the BBR Network website.

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