BBR Network project wins PTI Award

BBR Contech is delighted to announce that our entry, James Pascoe Group Distribution Centre, has been chosen for the Award of Excellence in the Slab-on-Ground Category for the 2017 Post-Tensioning Institute Awards. This award is given to the top project in each category that demonstrates excellence in post-tensioning applications. The PTI Award of Excellence is an honour that serves to recognise the best in our industry.

The innovative approach to construct a hybrid, large bay post-tensioned solution was led by Conslab Limited. Conslab delivered the floor slab for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking – to a level of floor flatness believed to be the highest in the world. The floor was constructed as a series of large bay post-tensioned floors, coupled together so that there were only two opening joints located within the 25,000m2 ground slab. The whole creatively engineered floor was completed in just 100 days.

BBR Contech acknowledges the parties associated with this achievement including client James Pascoe Group, Conslab Limited, Concrete Structures, BGT Structures and TSE Architects. View an extract from the official award publication as below.

BBR Contech 2017 PTI Award of Excellence – Slab on Grade

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