BBR Contech Celebrates 50 years

2013 is a big year for BBR Contech. The company’s celebrating five decades of service to the construction industry – a half century in which it’s earned an outstanding reputation for post-tensioning, ground anchoring, seismic strengthening, construction engineering and structural maintenance, repair and retrofitting. “We’re proud to have worked on many well known landmarks and nationally important infrastructure projects,” says Managing Director Paul Wymer. “Today we’re deeply involved in the post-earthquake Christchurch rebuild programme, and applying our technology nationwide to structural upgrade projects and to new projects, such as those using innovative damage-resistant design systems.”

Comprising a team of some 70 specialists, BBR Contech is widely recognised for its innovative, proactive approach, both in project design and delivery and in the development of new products, processes and technology. “We work closely with our clients to develop smart, tailored, best-practice solutions that deliver long-term performance certainty,” says Wymer. “We also offer technology that can improve their project approach and the results they achieve.”

Highlights of the past 50 years have included Auckland’s Sky Tower, the Otira Viaduct, Wellington’s Ngauranga flyover, Manukau City’s Ormiston Road stay cable bridge, and 1.5 million square metres of post-tensioned slabs in some 250 projects. BBR Contech’s capabilities have been recognised in more than 20 awards from the New Zealand Concrete Society, and as New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards Supreme Winner in 2007. Download our commemorative publication from the link below:

BBR Contech 50 Years In NZ 1963-2013

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