Bannockburn Reservoir, Central Otago

Date: February 2008

Client: Smith Crane & Construction

Consultant: Mike Herlihy Consulting

Sub Contractor: BBR Contech

Following on from Clyde Reservoir, Central Otago District Council awarded another “Design-Build” contract to Smith Crane & Construction to construct a smaller 500m³ litre reservoir at Bannockburn, 10 minutes south of Cromwell.

Similar in design to Clyde Reservoir the wall panels of the 11.3m diameter structure are 175mm thick with two pilaster panels housing 36 No. BBR M2 anchorages. Nine 4-strand tendons (12.7mm diameter) were tensioned to 80% UTS (595 kN) satisfying the required circumferential prestress.

Approximately 450 linear metres of 39ID in-house manufactured Drossbach ducting was installed in the reservoir wall panels with the BBR Contech designed 5-piece interconnecting coupler system preferred to complete the tendon profile at each wall joint.

Our 100T multi-strand jack was once again employed to deliver the required circumferential prestress.

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