BBR Contech is New Zealand’s oldest specialist civil engineering company.

Established in 1963 as BBR New Zealand Ltd, we’ve continually evolved in response to market demands and new opportunities. Today, we’re recognised as a leading provider of technical expertise and specialist contracting services to the construction and civil engineering industry. We have offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and a dedicated team of some 70 qualified and experienced specialists working with clients nationwide.

We can offer you all the benefits of:

Experience, expertise and excellence

We harness world-leading technology to provide post-tensionng, construction engineering, strengthening, protection and repair services for structural and infrastructural projects in New Zealand and the Pacific.

We’ve been proud to contribute to some of the region’s most significant construction and remediation projects. We’ve worked on historic structures as well as world- and New Zealand-first innovations, and we have been deeply involved in the post-earthquake Christchurch recovery programme.

We’re committed to meeting the highest standards of quality assurance, environmental management and health and safety performance in our work. This is reflected in our accreditation to the New Zealand Contractors’ Federation’s QEST integrated management system.

We also support new knowledge, such as through research projects with the Universities of Auckland and Canterbury that explore post-tensioning and FRP (fibre-reinforced polymer) applications as retrofit solutions for earthquake resistance.

Award-winning performance

BBR Contech’s innovation and excellence in both new construction and remedial engineering have been recognised by a swag of awards from our peers. These have included:

  • the 2009 New Zealand Concrete Society’s Concrete and Technology Award for work on Wellington’s innovative Alan MacDiarmid Building
  • the 2007 Supreme New Zealand Engineering Excellence Award for work on strengthening the foundations of the nation’s electricity transmission pylons.

Global connections

BBR Contech is an active member of the BBR Network, a global group of engineering contractors that specialise in post-tensioning, ground anchoring, construction engineering and structural maintenance, repair and retrofitting. This enables us to stay at the forefront of technology in these highly complex fields, and to adapt that technology to meet client needs and often challenging project requirements.

With members in 47 countries, the BBR Network enables us to access the knowledge and resources of some of the world’s most experienced and talented engineers and technicians. We can also source the latest in European-Approved and CE-marked construction systems and technology, of which many are exclusively provided by BBR Contech in New Zealand.

BBR Contech stays at the forefront of technology and maintains a high level of industry participation by membership and affiliations with the following organisations: