Pile Jackets and Fabric Forms

We have more than 30 years’ experience with fabric bag pile jacketing and using fabric bags as a formwork in projects in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Manufactured by one of the world’s leaders in corrosion prevention and sealing technology, Denso SeaShield Marine Systems are a great complement to the products and techniques we already offer our clients. They’re particularly suited to repairing and strengthening bridge and wharf piles, whether they’re constructed of steel, concrete or timber.

For pile jackets a fabric formwork is used to cast a dense, high-strength concrete skin, of the right thickness and reinforcement, around the deteriorated section of each pile. The result is a robust, high-performing ‘jacket’ that will perform in the most challenging conditions.

Fabric forms filled with concrete are widely used to protect embankments from erosion by water.

Installed both above and below the water line, they can be adapted to a range of clever uses – we’ve used them as inflatable socks to seal underground pipes, to encapsulate grout for ground anchors in permeable ground, and as anti-ballast pillows for submarine pipelines.

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