- 1/6/2016

BBR Connaect 2016 Magazine

The BBR Network's annual magazine - Connaect - is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. BBR Contech activities feature strongly again in this showcase of projects from around the world.

- 06/05/2015

BBR Connaect 2015 Magazine

The 2015 edition of the international BBR Connaect magazine showcases recent NZ and international projects. The theme of this edition is excellence in customer service.....

- 01/12/2014

Sika FRP CodeMark Certification

Sika NZ and BBR Contech are pleased to announce that they have obtained CodeMark Product Certification for SikaWrap Hex FRP

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Case studies

Kilmore Street Medical Centre, Christchurch

Thought to be the first building in New Zealand to use PRESSS technology for a steel structure, the Centre is being built using four pairs of structural steel frames, each vertically post-tensioned to the foundations with unbonded, high-strength steel bars. The frames are able to rock during earthquakes, with the post-tensioning providing a restoring force to help the building to return to centre.

The steel bars, at 75mm in diameter and with 4,311 kN capacity, are the heaviest in the Macalloy range. Four of these tendons (factory-wrapped in Denso Tape to resist corrosion) have been fed into each steel frame, coupled to 75mm starter bars already cast into the foundations and jacked at the top using a 300-tonne jack.

The three-level building is also designed to withstand a one-in-2,500-year seismic event. It will house more than 5000m2 of specialist medical facilities, including four operating theatres, patient rooms, and urology, radiology, orthopaedics and fertility clinics.


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