- 1/6/2016

BBR Connaect 2016 Magazine

The BBR Network's annual magazine - Connaect - is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. BBR Contech activities feature strongly again in this showcase of projects from around the world.

- 06/05/2015

BBR Connaect 2015 Magazine

The 2015 edition of the international BBR Connaect magazine showcases recent NZ and international projects. The theme of this edition is excellence in customer service.....

- 01/12/2014

Sika FRP CodeMark Certification

Sika NZ and BBR Contech are pleased to announce that they have obtained CodeMark Product Certification for SikaWrap Hex FRP

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Case studies

Grafton Bridge FRP

Boasting the world’s largest single span of reinforced concrete,GraftonBridgewas at the forefront of construction technology when it was completed in 1910.

Dramatically located 43 metres above Grafton Gully inAuckland, the 296-metre-long bridge has attracted international acclaim as an engineering structure of unique value. It’s also earned distinctive recognition inNew Zealand– with the inaugural NZ Concrete Society Enduring Concrete Award in 2008, and its registration as a Category I structure by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust owing to its outstanding technological merit and magnificence as a townscape element.

Almost 100 years after it was built, the bridge has recently been strengthened as part of the ‘Auckland Central Connector’ project, for Auckland City Council. This has provided it with essential seismic resistance (enabling it to withstand a one-in-1000-year earthquake) as well as the capacity to carry increased bus traffic and cope with future transport innovations such as light rail – all without altering the bridge’s appearance or changing its heritage status.


The work included:

  • strengthening the bridge columns using steel bar reinforcements
  • strengthening the bridge beams by applying a carbon fibre material to the existing structures
  • installing new, reinforced-concrete shear keys and deck linkage to resist horizontal earthquake forces
  • repairing cracks in the existing concrete and removing algal growth
  • applying a ‘modified cementitious coating’ to prevent further corrosion
  • replacing deck joints and bridge bearings.
  • Foundation strengthening to the main arch, in the form of piles & ground anchors, to increase the earthquake capacity.


Main contractor Brian Perry Civil engaged BBR Contech as the specialist subcontractor to supply and apply to the bridge structure nearly 600 metres of Sika CarboDur FRP strips and 830 CarboShear L plates.  The CarboDur strips were applied to the underside of the beams to provide additional mid-span moment resistance. The CarboShear L plates were installed in pairs around the beams and up into the deck slab to improve shear performance. The engineering design was carried out by BECA.

Completed well ahead of schedule in late 2009, the work has once again placed this iconic structure at the forefront of construction technology, ensuring that the grand old lady will continue to serve Aucklanders and visitors toAucklandfor many generations to come.


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