BBR Post-tensioning

A complete range of prestressing systems and construction techniques has been developed by BBR for the application to structures of all types such as bridges, buildings, towers, marine structures, tanks and ground anchors.

Prestressing systems comprise BBR CONA for Multi-strands, BBR CONA for Single Strands, BBR Flat, BBRV for Wires, BBR Dina Stay Cable, BBR HiAm Stay Cable, BBR CONA Stay, BBR Carbon and BBR Ground Anchors.

The Gloabl BBR Network has created some completely new post-tensioning technology which incorporates current market needs with all the advances and knowledge gained over the past 70 years. The European Approved and CE marked BBT VT CONA CMX post-tensioning kits are internationally the most up-to-date and advanced PT kits covering all possible applications in structural and civil engineering.

View the full range of BBR products on the BBR website including the CONA CMX Ultimate Design Guide - System Specifications Volume 2 for important design information.

BBR Contech has attained certification as a PT Specialist Company and is entitled to use the new European Approved BBR VT CONA CMX technology.

BBR Contech stays at the forefront of technology and maintains a high level of industry participation by membership and affiliations with the following organisations: